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Clatuu 360 Fat-Freezing

The Clatuu 360 is the leader in non-surgical body sculpting. Requiring one hour of your time, the Clatuu is quick and effective in helping you achieve your body goals.

How does it work?

Using the latest in non-invasive, fat freezing technology, cryolopolysis harnesses cold energy where the temperature is lowered to the point that it will freeze and kill fat in targeted areas. The body, following treatment, will naturally metabolise and remove this fat over the following weeks. It can be used almost everywhere on the body, if the patient has enough excess fat to pinch. The following areas are the most common for treatment:

Belly or abdomen

When will I see my results?

It takes 3 months from treatment to see the full result.

What can I do to maximise my results?

We highly recommend wearing compression wear over the treated area for the first week, as well as maintaining a general exercise program.

Is Clatuu right for me?

We find the Clatuu is perfect for anyone with a problem area, such as restoring waists on women, zapping the 'banana roll' area just under the buttocks and inner and outer thighs!

Clatuu is designed for patients who are above ideal body weight, based on the Body Mass Index Scale. It is for those specific areas of excess fat that cannot be removed or reduced with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Therefore, Clatuu offers a solution to these issues, without surgery or downtime.

Clatuu, however, is not a weight loss treatment nor does it come with the same benefits of a balanced diet and exercise.

Call us today to find out if Clatuu is the option for you!

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