Meso-needling with the Neopen, is a comprehensive skincare treatment aimed at addressing various skin concerns and promoting healthier, more radiant skin.

Treatment Process

  • Step 1: Skin Cleansing: The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin to remove any impurities and prepare it for the subsequent steps.
  • Step 2: Duosomal Peel: This peel incorporates purity acids encapsulated in liposomes and free acids. It is applied to the skin to exfoliate and improve skin texture.
  • Step 3: Mesoneedling with the Neopen: A tailored serum is then needled into the skin using a micro-needling technique. This helps in the delivery of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Step 4: Alginate Peel-off Mask: Following mesoneedling, an alginate peel-off mask is applied to the skin, which can have various benefits such as soothing, purifying, or hydrating the skin.
  • Step 5: LED Light: LED light therapy is often incorporated into the treatment to further enhance skin health and address specific concerns.
  • Step 6: Finishing Products: The procedure concludes with the application of finishing products designed to nourish and protect the skin.

Expected Results

  • Mesoneedling with the Toskani products aims to achieve healthier, fresher-looking skin.
  • The treatment can be tailored to address various skin conditions, including pigmentation, acne, signs of ageing, and more.
  • It can also be customised to target specific areas, such as lips for plumping and hydration or the eye area for a refreshed appearance.

Procedure Overview

  • Procedure Time: 60 to 75 minutes
  • Downtime Required: There is typically no downtime required after the procedure, and most individuals can resume their daily activities immediately.
  • Results Duration: Results can last for 4-6 months, but individual variations may occur.
  • Cost of Treatment: $450

Pair this treatment with: Maintaining results may involve a home care skincare routine. Additionally, combining mesoneedling with other treatments like HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) with Y-zone mesoneedling can provide comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

Consultation with a qualified practitioner can help determine the most suitable treatment plan tailored to your unique skin needs and goals.

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